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BAND OF BROTHERS – a group that shares a common goal. People who trust one another in pursuit of this goal, rely upon each other unconditionally, and mutually support each other. From this support comes courage, authenticity, loyalty, a sense of responsibility – and ultimately success.


These values have always connected us. The term was invented, one animated evening in a Dolomite lodge within the Lienz mountains. It immediately became clear: three words stand for how we have lived for several years. A common goal, a common path: BAND OF BROTHERS was born.



Red Bull - BORA – hansgrohe: Member of the MPCC


Red Bull - BORA – hansgrohe, as well as the main sponsor BORA, are active members of the MPCC (French abbreviation stands for “Mouvement Pour un Cyclisme Crédible”, English: “Movement for Credible Cycling”). The MPCC and its members fight for a credible and most importantly a clean cycling. All teams who are a member of the MPCC comply with the UCI ethical code. In addition those teams agreed on further anti doping rules that go beyond the current strict UCI- and team-related programs. These self-imposed rules include among others that a rider is not recruited if he was banned for 6 months or longer, or if a rider needs Corticosteroids for therapeutic use he will not start in any race for 8 days. Please find the entire rules on the MPCC’s website.